IWAS support- Continents Cup 2018 became international!

We are glad to inform you that the Xth Anniversary Continents Cup Wheelchair Dance Sport competition will be held under International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation support.

We hope that this fact will help dancers from other countries to solve problems with the participation and they will get a real chance in taking part in the Continents Cup competition, which will take place on September 7-9, 2018 in St Petersburg.

IWAS support is the only one possibility to try to save the high level of the one of the well-known Wheelchair Dance Sport event of the year.

Public Interregional Organization of Disabled «Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation in Russia» was planning the Xth Anniversary Continents Cup being sure that by September 2018 Continents Cup will be back to the international Paralympic family, but unfortunately this did not happen. In these difficult conditions Continents Cup Organizing Committee decided not to refuse from the traditional competition, which are prestart before the World Championship and European Championship along all ten years.

Our task as an organizer is to give all foreign athletes the opportunity to come to the competition, which is not international through International Paralympic Committee this year. In this case the main problem became to create the conditions of receiving financing for the participation for foreign dancers.  Looking for the solution we appealed to the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation, and we have received the confirmation about this from IWAS headquarters.

We expect that you will evaluate our efforts, which are directed not only at Russian dancers' participation in the competition, but at maintaining the pace of development of Para Dance sport in general, because we are sure, that Continents Cup is still the one of the most important competitions in our dancing world.

We are waiting for you!


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