Results of competitions «Wheelchair Dance Continents Cup 2018»

Dear Athletes and Team leaders!

Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation in Russia publish results of All-Russian competitions with the participation of foreign athletes «Wheelchair Dance Continents Cup 2018».

At the moment Organizing Committee publish official protocols of All- Russian competitions with all results, including results of foreign athletes.

For the official reporting each Team leader will received letter with stamped and signed results. Pay your attention, that all names/surnames/ name of group specified in protocols as well as you specified it in the application form.

Competitions were held in accordance with the Regulations on the order of the competitions, approved by the Ministry of sports of Russian Federation, and in accordance with the Regulations, approved be the All-Russian Federation of sports of persons with disorders of the musculo-sceletal system.

Protocols of Wheelchair Dance Sport Continents Cup 2018



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