World Cup - Continents Cup 2015

The ceremony of the  2015 IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport World Cup was opened Department of Science and Education of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation Sergey Evseev, vice-Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Pavel Soltan and from the President of the Federation of Wheelchair Dance Sport, world champion in Wheelchair Dance Elena Lozko.

Governor of St. Petersburg attended the parade of participants of the World Cup - 2015 and delivered a welcoming speech in which he emphasized the importance of ongoing competitions:«It is always very spectacular, beautiful and dynamic sports event. To be honest, I find it unfair that this sport is not included in the program of the Paralympic Games.I hope that this injustice will be corrected in the near future, I sincerely wish that for the dancers in wheelchairs.But in any case, what you are showing is so admirable, there is sports passion and intensity of emotions - all what is inherent in a big sports».

The participants of the 2015 IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport World Cupreceived greetings from the Minister of Sport VitalyMutkoand also from the Chairman of the Executive Committee, first Vice-President, Head of the Russian Paralympic Committee, Vice-President of the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) Pavel Rozhkov.