Results of the second day IPC WDS Kazakhstan Open 2015

Greetings from Astana!
We had two succesful competition days here!
I think you all are waiting for the results of the second day.
Here are the results.

Women's Single Freestyle Class 2
1 Ryzhkova Galina RUS
2 Samyibek Kyzy Adina KGZ
3 Akhmetova Nargiza KAZ

Duo LA Class2
1 Kuo Wen-Sheng - Huang Yi-Jung TPE
2 Ma Wah Keung - Seto Siu Har HKG
3 Chachshin Alexandr - Zhaxagulova Aruna KAZ

Combi LA Class2
1 Sedakov Maksim - Svetlana Kukushkina RUS
2 Ma Wah Keung - Ho Hei Man HKG
3 Chen Sen-Chi - Lin Yu-Jun TPE

Congratulations to everybody!
And to all the funs of the IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport!
Georgia and Kyrgyz Republic did a very good debut at IPC WDS competition!

Results of the 1st day IPC WDS Kazakhstan Open 2015

The first day of the 2015 IPC WDS Kazakhstan Open competition is over! It was held with a great success. Tomorrow will be another day!
Some results of the 1st day

Women's Single Class 2
1 Ryzhkova Galina RUS
2 Vukasinovic Sanja AUT
3 Akhmetova Nargiza KAZ

Men's Single Class 2
1 Sedakov Maksim RUS
2 Kuo Wen-Sheng TPE
3 Chen Sen-Chi TPE

Combi ST Class2
1 Avanessov Serzh - Akhmetova Nargiza KAZ
2 Karakulov Marat - Murzagaliyeva Zarina KAZ
3 Bilkassumov Yuriy - Aidarkhanova Saule KAZ

Combi ST Class1
1 Otorbayev Ardak - Beglenova Aidana KAZ
2 Ma Wah Keung - Ho Hei Man HKG

Duo ST Class 2
1 Kuo Wen-Sheng - Huang Yi-Jung TPE
2 Ashirimbetov Askar - Akhmetova Nargiza KAZ
3 Otorbayev Ardak - Tynabekova Karlygash KAZ

Combi Freestyle Class 2
1 Sedakov Maksim - Kukushkina Svetlana RUS
2 Arabidze Temur - Zazanashvili Ketevan GEO
3 Kadirberdiyeva Gulvira - Khakimbayev Shukurzhan KAZ

Let's wait for the results of the second day

Sedakov aiming to dance his way onto the podium

Russia’s innovative singles Europeans silver medallist will use the upcoming Kazakhstan Open as a springboard to achieve his ultimate aim for 2015.

“I like the new categories in wheelchair dance sport,” Sedakov said. “In singles an athlete shows full technical skills of using the body and a wheelchair. Freestyle is even more challenging because the athlete here should live in his own dance, in his own character.”

With the new 2015 year and merry Christmas!!!

Our dear friends! The year 2014 is leaving. That was a year of success and luck for the IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport.

We have successfully performed at many international competitions.

IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport was presented at Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games for the first time.

The 2014 IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championship was held in Warsaw with great success.

And, of course, we would like to mention the 2014 Continents Cup which was held in St.Petersburg for the 6th time.

We could not have achieved such significant success without your support and attention! Thanks to you, our amazing and unique sport is becoming increasingly popular, gaining more fans and attracting more and more athletes from all around the World!

Together with you we are writing the history of the IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport. We are looking forward to the next year competitions and further development of the Sport. With your support we can achieve any aims!

In the year 2015 we wish you and your family to enjoy new achievements in all your activities.
Be healthy, wealthy and worth!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!